2022 Lighted Boat Parade Registration!


Join the 2022 Petaluma Lighted Boat Parade on Saturday December 10th!

Kick off the holiday season by joining Petaluma Yacht Club’s flotilla! Several thousand citizens line the shore to take in the spectacle. We need vessels of all sizes- power, sail, and man-powered to join us. The only requirement is all participants have a mounted or hand held Marine Radio.

Please Register Here

Please arrive at Marina at 5:30 for a 6:00 PM departure. Large vessels over 27 feet will stage at the opening to the Marina to enter the channel first and will leave at 5:45PM Smaller craft please stay
at least 15-20 feet away from all sides of large vessels so you can be seen by skippers that are visually impaired from lights reflecting on the water.

We ask ALL participants have a marine radio and monitor Channel 68. Please remember the flotilla is organized from largest to smallest vessels. Docking is from largest vessels to smallest vessels and we are arriving on an outgoing tide which is why we ask you stay in order.

Docking for any large Yachts, Sail Boats will be at docks closest to the Yacht Club. Large power and then sail vessels will dock largest to smallest followed by smaller sail boats, and larger run-abouts. All vessels need to be prepared to stern tie and raft up. We only have the docks on the Yacht Club side so the Sea Scouts and Dock hands will be helping to make room for everyone. This means have fenders on both sides and 2 long ropes to reach the docks from your bow cleats, 2 smaller ropes on your stern cleats, and at least one smaller rope to tie between vessels. Man powered and smaller craft under 16 feet will fill in at the turning basin AFTER the Yachts, Sail Boats and larger Run-Abouts due to these vessels being heavier, less maneuverable and their requirements for deeper water.

If you have any questions please contact:
Staff Commodore Linda Blue